30 março 2015


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Susanne Alm disse...

From Destruction To Reconstruction

From images of devastation,
deep pain, and sometimes even revolt,
come before our eyes living tokens
of humanitarianism, solidarity, cooperation -
noble life lessons encompassing courage
springing from all the ones who truly act
with deep respect for Nature
and for the human being dignity.

Children's eyes are sad and distant-looking
as if they still were feeling the unlimited strength
of the giant waves moving! !
Brave young people keep projecting their dreams -
across a land that is now more sacred -
as though those dreams were being offered
to their parents and other beloved ones
who left for good!

Men and women bent in their weary bodies,
desperately wanting to honour past memories,
they keep struggling...
so they can prevent pain from spreading.

Now time has come for union, mission, and pardon,
so as to allow springing life
to continue its course even though harder
and accept at every moment the unexpected disaster! !

Maria C. Pires Costa

Susanne Alm disse...


Gelfoto disse...

La naturaleza se abre paso siempre … ella perdurará
Buena toma Chapa
Un abrazo